6003/7 Conventional

6003/7 Conventional
Power Infra-Red Oil Mist / Smoke Detector 6003/7.

Our power IR Oil Mist / Smoke detector have been specially designed to be highly sensitive to the presence of Oil & Kerosene mist or smoke particles in the path of the detector beam.

The detector has been developed for use in enclosed oil rig well head areas, generator rooms and turbine enclosures.

The detector automatically compensates for contamination of the detector lenses and signals when a point is reached where further deterioration cannot be tolerated and the lens requires cleaning.

Two levels of alarm status are provided. A low level alarm and a high level alarm. There is also a beam blocked status provided in the event that the beam is interrupted.

The detector is intended to be used together with our P-UIM 6005/2 which will provide the detector with volt free contacts.

  • Automatic Self Calibration
  • Range = 2 – 50 meters
  • Weatherproof to IP65
  • Certified Intrinsically Safe Ex ib IIB T5
  • Robust design
  • Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket available
  • Independent beam blocked output
  • Cleaning status output
  • Dual automatic compensation
  • Flying Lead
bilde 05 oil mist cable
  • Reflector Type 1
  • Reflector Type 2
  • Reflector Type 3
  • P-UIM
  • 0 - 20 mA Adapter
bilde 04 oil mist controller
  • Heavy Duty M / B
bilde 06 oil mist cover
  • U - Bracket
  • IR Alignment Tool
  • IR Test Film
Spare parts
  • Oil Mist / Smoke detector 6003/7