Don't be trapped by blocked nozzles

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Blocked nozzles offshore

Examples of Corrosion, Debris, Salt Crystalisation and Marine Growth blocking nozzles offshore 
Concentric corrosion
Concentric MIC
Gradual build up
Salt Crystillasation
Marine Life
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OmniPass Adapter manufactured and supplied by Tyco under licence from RigDeluge Global Limited.

OmniPass Anti Blockage Deluge Adaptor

Nozzle blockages are caused by salt water bi-products such as corrosion, lime scale, marine growth, marine life, salt crystallisation, MIC and debris.

All offshore firefighting systems using seawater are affected by one or more of these bi-products, including those using exotic pipework materials such as Titanium, Cunifer and GRP.

Upon activation of the system, water flow and pressure transport carry these seawater bi-products through the pipework to the nozzles where the small discharge orifices quickly become blocked.

This can have a potentially disastrous effect should a fire occur and the Deluge systems fail due to protect people and the asset due to an in-adequate discharge of water.

Fact: Blocked nozzles have been found in system using all types of pipework material. Replacing pipework with expensive & exotic materials will not eliminate the problem.

Test installation at Statoil

Even Titanium pipework will have issues with blocked nozzles. Marine growth is causing nozzles to block.
With the OmniPass adapter installed, you are sure to have water dispersed through your nozzles with the correct water pressure and spray pattern. 
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Deluge Resilience Program

Deluge resilience program combines Tyco`s revolutionary OmniPass Anti Blockage Deluge Adaptor together with our 5&7 year wet / dry borescope based Inspection Test Maintenance Program.

Either of these elements will offer significant benefits and improve the resilience of your system to blockages, however when combined can give:

• Improve safety
• Eliminate blockages in nozzles
• Operate correctly 24/7/365
• Ensure compliance
• 100% pass rate every time
• Reduce costs
• Increase Asset Integrity and Life

Complete Confidence of Fire Water from Every Nozzle when required Every Time.

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OmniPass Anti Blockage Deluge Adaptor

OmniPass Anti Blockage Deluge Adaptor. A safety innovation exclusive from Tyco.
Tyco’s OmniPass anti Blockage Adaptor is a revolutionary safety innovation that will eliminate potential for deluge system blockages within the nozzles.

Available through Holta & Håland Safety AS for the Norwegian marked,  the OmniPass Antiblockage Deluge Adaptor is the only device available that has been  specifically designed to prevent blockages in Deluge Nozzles

The small discharge orifices within the nozzles are the ‘weak point’ of the system that are most susceptible to blockages caused by one or more of the seawater bi-products. It takes less than 6g of debris to block a typical offshore deluge nozzle and the results can be catastrophic.

The Omnipass anti blockage adaptor ensures that any debris or seawater bi product(s) that has potential to block nozzles is held
retained within the pipework, where due to significantly larger cross sectional diameters the effect is greatly reduced.

The innovative designed adaptor further minimises the effect to ensure maximum flow is available at the nozzle.
For more information contact:

Vegard Lund
Business Development Manager
Holta & Håland Safety AS

Randabergveien 300 B, 4070 Randaberg, Norway
Mob: +47 48 29 80 08   Dir: +47 51 41 52 43