Gas Vision System

Gas Vision System
Gas Vision System visualizes Methane gas, quantifies the leak and presents in real time the gas consentration and flow of the gas cloud as a coloured plume on your computor screen.

It is the only Ex-Certified Gas visualization System for continous wide-area monitoring. 


The camera is equipped with a unique programmable pan-tilt bracket that allows for continous monitoring of critical components covering a large area using a single camera.

gvs 2

The GVS is suitable for installations such as Onshore gas Processing Plants, Offshore Production Platforms, FPSO`s, LNG ships and Terminals.

       Key features
  • Real time image of Gas Flow and Consentration
  • Unique patented gas correlation processing
  • Cost effective gas detection
  • Range up to 250 meters
  • EX - certified
  • Automatic programmable pan/tilt function
  • Video saved for later evaluation

gvs 3