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We design, install, test, document and perform annual service on your fire suppression system both onshore and offshore. Offshore oil rigs, NORSOK Z-015 containers, technical rooms, data storage centers, tire and warehouse storage, production halls, community centers, hospitals and apartment buildings – all use one of our tailor made fire supressions systems.


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Inergen® is highly effective and personnel safe. It is a “no clean up - no damage” solution, sensitive to components and with zero impact on the environment. Inergen® consist of gases (52% Nitrogen, 40% Argon and 8% CO2) naturally present in the atmosphere. It exhibits no ozone depleting potential and does not contribute to global warming. Upon release, oxygen levels decrease from 20.9% to between 10-14% based on the application. Fires are suppressed by removing oxygen.

Inergen® is typically stored on pressurized 300Bars 80l cylinders to minimize footprint. Our design optimizes the amount of cylinders by using a “largest room” strategy as a reference to the cylinder bank needed.


Foam consist of foam concentrate, water and air. It smothers flames, cools down, suppresses vapors and separates the flame source from the product surface. There are a number of different foam varieties, all designed for different types of fire, temperature requirements and expansion rates. Foam is particularly effective for protecting flammable and combustible liquids.

All of our foam comes in premixed solutions, or in separate tanks with concentrate and water, along with a suitable foam proportioning device.

Combined systems

Holta & Håland Safety delivers combined fire detection & fire suppression systems. Get it all from one supplier.

Our combined systems from Johnson Controls (Tyco) covers all your needs are cost efficient, highly flexible and easy to operate. We design, install, document and service both your fire suppression and fire detection systems.


Novec, manufactured by 3M, is a chemical liquid that vaporizes upon release. It suppresses fire by removing heat from the equation. It requires less medium than Inergen®, reducing footprint significantly. Novec is well suited for smaller applications with no need for longer pipe runs because of some limitations in connection with its design.

Novec does not harm sensitive equipment and is suitable for use in a wide range off applications. It is environmentally friendly and comes with a 20 years “blue sky warrenty”, guaranteeing its green credentials



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