Custom builds

Holta & Håland Safety manufacture custom builds from its workshop in Randaberg. Our main workshop covers 357sqm, is well equipped and can be expanded to a total off 722sqm to facilitate larger builds. We always manufacture in accordance to best practice and relevant project requirements.

We do custom builds such as aspiration cabinets for gas and smoke, sampling systems for oil, gas and water, chemical injection units, HPU`s, wellhead control panels, workover control stations, umbilical termination units and more. We design, procure, build, test and document in-house while some design and documentation is done in liaison with our strategic partner Johnson Controls (Tyco) or our sister companies in Bergen – Process Control and ProAnalysis.


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Wellhead control panel

Systems often have integral hydraulic power generation and employ control logic in varied formats, including programmable electronic, hydraulic, pneumatic and process gas.

  • Single to multi-well packages.

  • Automated production control for wellheads and pipeline valves.

  • NORSOK requirements.

System design and procurement done by Johnson Controls (Tyco).

Hydraulic power units

Generation and storage of hydraulic pressure using oil/water based fluids at pressures in excess of 1,000 bar for wellhead control or sub sea distribution.

System design and procurement done by Johnson Controls (Tyco).

Chemical & methanol
injection units

  • Metering injection and transfer pump skids.

  • Multiple chemical storage vessels up to 250m3.

  • Pump range includes double diaphragm and plunger type capable of pressures in excess of 1,000 barg, conforming to API675.

  • For wellhead and petrochemical applications.

  • Methanol - pressure vessels for chemical storage manufactured to ASME VIII or equivalent design codes.

System design and procurement done by Johnson Controls (Tyco).

Panels, cabinets and
sampling systems

  • Aspirating cabinets for gas & smoke.

  • Sampling systems for oil, gas & water.

  • Various control systems.

  • Customized trolleys for fire suppression.



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